Bouquets by Sunfox source: Flickr

Thank you.

It was wonderful to read all the well wishes from you all when I recently expressed the desire to step back. While the thought of hibernating under my very warm doona and taking to my bed appeals to me strongly, the show must go on.

I’ve made a couple of small changes in my life- I’ve joined a new gym, reviewed my RSS feeds (that sounds so nerdy!) and my attention to the various social networks of which I am a part (ie I no longer incessantly check my Facebook feed, amongst others :)). I am leaving my lovely smartphone in another room, so I am no longer playing with it, and I am reading more. I am drinking more green tea and water, and while this is making me feel less hungry, my second home at work and home is the loo!

There is one small thing though I did not want to get out of- the Blog Every Day of June. My goodness, how time flies! I don’t know what I’ll write about- I know there’s a few posts in draft form which will see the light of day, there will be posts on libraries, there will be photos, memes and inspiration drawn from fellow bloggers. I look forward to reading and commenting and being part of a great network of library bloggers.

Stay tuned for more bloggy goodness!


2 thoughts on “Bouquets

    • It is primarily librarians who blog taking up the challenge and can be followed on Twitter with the #blogjune hashtag. It will be interesting to see how it goes 🙂

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