Ghost of Shakespeare Hotel, Exhibition Street

I noticed this sign for the first time ever as I walked down Bourke Street at lunchtime today. I must have walked past it hundreds of times but it never registered. How many times have you looked at something, but never really seen it?
It makes me wonder what type of a hotel it was. Did the owner have lofty literary aspirations? Was there a good library for guests to enjoy?
I love the sign was never removed, and left there for people to glance at, to ponder upon as they look up at the sky to gauge what the weather will do (hey, it’s Melbourne where the weather is an obsession…)


3 thoughts on “Ghost of Shakespeare Hotel, Exhibition Street

  1. I once did a short temp stint in about the 20th floor of the office building of Melbourne Central, in a massive corner office with a 180+ view of the CBD. The amount of “awesome stuff” that makes up the city, both just above street view and even quite high above it, it just jaw-dropping. Intricate ironwork, faded signs like the one above, secret apartments on the top of commercial buildings, oddly shaped windows. Stuff that you would never notice when you’re rushing for the tram or in your “must get coffeeeeeee” haze.

    I think I spent more time looking out the windows then doing the boring data entry.

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