Tiger is a stray feline who has adopted us over the past couple of months.

Tiger found us about 6 months ago, when a little girl came to our front door, holding a scrawny little cat, and asked if she belonged to us. We said no, but  that didn’t stop the little BGs from going out and having a play with them in the street. Through Tiger, we got to meet two little girls down the street who have become firm friends with the little BGs.

We had seen Tiger a bit before that, as she would travel through our backyard to get from A to B. More recently, our backyard has become less of a service lane and more of a transit stop.

What we know about Tiger is that she is quite friendly and socialised and tolerates the attention Miss BG lavishes upon her. She loves to lie on your lap, doesn’t miaow much and purrs quite a bit. We also know that she’s not microchipped and doesn’t wear a collar.

The kids love seeing her, and her appearances are becoming more regular. She is somewhat of a Clayton’s pet, as she comes and goes as she pleases. Sometimes she’ll be in the yard for 10 minutes, other times she will stay the whole day. Last Sunday, she padded inside to Mr BG’s music room, curled up on his chair and had a nap.

The reason why Tiger hangs around, is…well we feed her, we give her attention and a place to get out of the cold. Yes, I am a softie, but don’t tell anyone that…

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