Bookgrrl’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ever since I got woken up at 6am on my very first Mother’s Day, I have been somewhat ambivalent about the whole day. Where was my breakfast in bed and lie-in? I growled to my six-week old baby boy. His reply was a hungry and I’m wet cry, so I just got on with the day, and trundled down to Geelong to visit my own mum for Mother’s Day.

I am also not an overly huge fan of presents on Mother’s Day. My experience in retail poisoned me against the likes of Celine Dion, Enya, Richard Clayderman, The Fureys, Daniel O’Donnell and Harry Connick Jr, not to mention the pulpy romances that the store thought would appeal to mums. Honestly, did they think all mums were…mumsy?

Mind you, I am partial to a pair of slippers, and my favourite necklace was a Mother’s Day present, but all I want for Mother’s Day is for my kids to play nice with each other, go to bed when they’re told, stay in bed and sleep all night. Actually I’d like that every day, but I know that’s not going to happen…

What I am doing for Mother’s Day is what I’ve done for the past 2 years and that is do the Mother’s Day Classic. I’ll be running the 6km route around Lake Wendouree, and hoping to better last year’s running time of 37 minutes. If you want to sponsor me, you can visit my fundraising page.

Another thing I am also doing for Mother’s Day is giving to the Child’s i Foundation’s online baby shower. The Child’s i Foundation is an organisation established to help abandoned Ugandan children and their mothers. They offer short-term care for babies, help to place children within their own family or with another Ugandan family, and provide residential care to mothers, providing them with skills and vocational training.

If you want to know more, Bec Nielsen did a great guest post on Planning with Kids.

The suggestion is to buy a  baby shower gift instead of flowers and chocolates for your mum. While I’m not so sure how this would fly with my own mum, I’ll do it instead in my mother-in-law’s memory, as well as for myself.

Actually my Mother’s Day gift to my mum is sorted, but that’s a secret as to what she’s getting…

At any rate, please be nice to your mum every day, not just Mother’s Day. That would be the best present ever.

ps If Mr BG is reading this, I’d like some slippers…


2 thoughts on “Bookgrrl’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. First mothers’ day for me this year – my son’s 4 weeks old so I’m pretty sure my experience will be much the same as yours was. My ideal present would be for Liberrydwarf Jr to sleep through the night, but failing that flowers are nice…

    • good luck with the uninterrupted sleep- and flowers are always a nice pick me up. Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday!

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