Wedding Car, Old Treasury Buildings

I am usually guaranteed at least one wedding a week at the Registry at the Old Treasury Buildings. Today’s featured an awesome vintage car- unfortunately my camera does not do justice to the bright turquoise paintwork. It is always lovely to see the happy people as they congregate on the steps of the Old Treasury for photos or to await the happy couple.

I was probably one of the few people on the planet who missed the Royal Wedding on Friday night. A friend had his  32nd birthday party, and by the time we got home and wrangled the little BGs into bed, the wedding dress had been revealed, vows exchanged and the happy couple had emerged from the Abbey. I was lucky to see the kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and seen the spectacular crowd moving down the Mall towards the Palace, waving their flags.

I can only imagine the buzz and excitement the crowds were experiencing at witnessing such a great occasion. I am a republican, but the British do pomp and ceremony so well- it alomost makes me want to frock up, jam a tiara on my head and toast the Queen with a strong gin and tonic while waving the Union Jack. I just have to find the Tanqueray…

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