Book Review- The Small Hand

Adam Snow, an antiquarian bookseller, finds himself lost  and stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned house and garden. Exploring the extensive and overgrown garden, Snow feels a small hand creeping into his own. Yet he is quite alone.

The sensation of the ghostly hand haunts him, and what starts as initially harmless, becomes increasingly sinister. Determined to learn more about the house and garden, what he eventually finds out, reveals more about himself and his own past.

It is a classic ghost story, and I always find a ghostly child is much more disconcerting than the grown up variety. It is a real page turner, which is helped by the short chapters. The story itself draws you in, with the world of rare books wonderfully evoked, and libraries and librarians  featuring prominently. The climax is quite surprising.

This was one of the books I picked up from the library during The Big Read. What attracted me to it initially was its small size- I could fit it comfortable in a handbag to read on the train to work. As luck would have  it, I was also able to read it entirely on the train in one day.

The brevity appealed to me and I was quite spooked by the end of it. Not to be read at night, unless you like going to bed with chills down your spine 🙂


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