Happy Birthday to…


It’s my birthday today
I’m older than yesterday
All my friends are coming over to play
And they’ll all sing Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday by Justine Clarke

Yesterday I said goodbye to my thirties and say hello to my forties. 10 years ago, my thirtieth birthday was spent with a quiet dinner with Mr BG and my family, and it will be pretty much the same- there will be a few more faces around the table including my sister’s partner, the little BGs and my lttle nephew. I will also be wearing the same dress I wore to my 30th birthday shindig- I had to have it altered as I have lost a bit of weight, which is always nice.

I’m going to miss my 30s, which I enjoyed immensely with marriage, two trips overseas, two houses bought, one house sold, numerous moves (both house and work) and two great children. I also got fitter, got crafty, got to meet some great people online through Twitter and Facebook and started my blog.

I’m also looking forward to what the future brings as a fit and fabulous 40 year old (though that is going to take a while to get used to that number!). Part of me prefers not to look at the number, as it doesn’t really reflect how old I feel. The day is a good time to reflect upon the year that has passed and to figure out how much cake I can eat today as birthday calories don’t really count 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to…

  1. What a great uplifting post. I loved my 30s too. 40s are equally as good though- but different 🙂 I embark on my 50s later this year- *gasp*
    So Steph – have a wonderful day, week, year 🙂 wish I could share some cake wiht you too. Take care x

  2. Happy Birthday to you!! Am looking forward to sharing your 40’s, and all the amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) things that will haappen with you.

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