A Grand Day Out

A sunny Sunday morning saw us up and on the road to Talbot for the Farmer’s Market.

I had never visited Talbot and had only had a whistle stop visit to Clunes when pregnant with Master BG. Both towns display vestiges of a grander past in their architecture, Clunes especially.

The streets of Talbot were closed for the 80 or so stalls of produce, wine, beer, cheese, honey, preserves, crafts and bric a brac.

Stores were open including the bookshop and a vintage clothing store which stocked some gorgeous clothes and brand new leg warmers.

One excited shopper purchased a pair telling her friend, “Wow! Legwarmers, they’re from my time-I was born in 1982!” My reply was laughing “I was wearing them in 1982- enjoy wearing them!”

You will have noted from the above image I did not purchase any legwarmers- I had my fling with 80’s fashion in the 80’s.

As luck would have it, Master BG bumped into a couple of schoolfriends at the park, and was quite happy zipping around the park playing with them, his sister keeping up!

Stash from the market included- honey, eggs, new season pink lady apples, sourdough bread, brownies, cheese and some placemats. I also had to buy another shopping bag to carry everything back to the car.

We stopped off in Clunes on the way home for lunch at the bakery and sausage sizzle, stocked up on lollies from Widow Twankeys and meandered up and down the street market.

A local collectable store saw me snap up a cute little green bag (in my defence your Honour, I have no green bags in my wardrobe).

All in all a grand day out. Both Talbot and Clunes are definitely worth return visits, especially with Booktown happening next month.


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