Bookgrrl in 100 words

A meme, with thanks to @flexnib and @librarianhoi who have done it previously.

Librarian, lapsed, lover of chocolate. Loyalties divided, Irish/Australian, work/home, husband/children, myself/ needs of others. My blog is my room of one’s own!

Constant struggle to be a good person, wife, mum, daughter, worker and friend- looking for the perfect balance. Love Mr BG and the home and family we have created together. Love reading and music and instilling these passions in my children and seeing them grow into beautiful people.

Sometimes I feel there is more to my life than being defined by where I work and who I know, but realise that’s a big part of me too.

Hmmm… tricky to do, and it was hard to be succinct. It’s pretty much an edited stream of consciousness rather than a mini-essay- and what I leave out is just as significant as what I left in :).


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