Chinese Lions

Yesterday the Bookgrrl family went to the Ballarat Library for the Big Read, an initiative from the Children’s Book Council of Australia to attempt to set a record for the greatest number of children reading with an adult. The event was being held concurrently in Geelong and at the State Library.

There were storytelling sessions from author Mark Carthew and storyteller Anne E Stewart, who had the kids mesmerised with her rendition of Strega Nonna and the story of Timor. They had to compete with rapping sessions and performed admirably with the noise. There was a real bustle to the place which was good for Sunday morning before 10am :). The bustle was also helped by the presence of a coffee van just outside the entrance and a sausage sizzle, with the autumnal Ballarat weather being a perfect fit for such munchies and drinks.

The  two Chinese Lions were mischievous and were very adept in picking up library bags with their mouths and running away with them. Miss BG got a tad scared when they got a bit too close for comfort.

Then 11am arrived and we read. The library was not entirely quiet, but the noise had died away to a low murmur as mums and dads or special persons read to their kids. Master and Miss BG came away with showbags and a couple of books, as did I- it had been a while since I visited the library and it was good to go for a quick browse!

3 thoughts on “Chinese Lions

  1. Oh! I used to work for the CBCA in NSW – I love a good CBCA story. It’s one of those organisations that becomes part of your life when you work for them & your association never quite goes away (15 months after finishing up there, I still say ‘we’ when I talk about CBCA events or programs!). Thanks for sharing x

    • The CBCA awards were always a big deal in the first library in which I worked. Children’s Book Week was crazy for the children’s librarians and it was always a buzz to get the shortlist- and I was the adult collections librarian!

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