Paperback Bookshop

This is one of my favourite places in Melbourne.  The Paperback Bookshop is on my way to work when I walk up from Melbourne Central. I love to stop and look in the window and without fail, I always see something which catches my eye. Most of my book purchases for Christmas presents comes from here. Just around the corner is Crossley Street, with little shops and restaurants.You can see Pellegrini’s to the left, a very popular place for lunch, if you’re in the mood for Italian.

This is one of the reasons why I work far from home. It’s a chance to escape to the city, and to revel in all the wonderful places and people you find there. And then I get a couple of hours to myself on the train where I can read, knit, listen to music or simply stare out the window without having to think about anything…

Anyway, this is the first of my Monday moments. The first day of the week is a good time to  start anew and look at the possibilities of the week ahead, which for me include, work, optometrist (me), school sports and the usual domestic workload. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a little bit of fun and blogging!


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