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It’s been a while since I did anything crafty. I must admit, I associate knitting and crochet with the colder months and my days have been filled with other things like school, kinder, house, garden, kids and husband, and now work again after a hiatus.

Summer is now autumn, so out comes the wool…

1. Baby Blanket- finished project!

My baby blanket which was started about 3 years ago, is finally finished, and will be going to my sister and my lovely nephew soon.

I had to do the lace edging, and sew up the panels, which was what slowed me down. It was a labour of love and if I do another baby blanket, it will be in crochet- it’s so much faster.

2. Cardigan- work in progress

This was to be a knitted blanket aeons ago, but I lost heart and decided to unravel it. The yarn is Jo Sharp and such a beautiful soft green. The cardigan is an easy pattern and so far, I’ve finished the back, the fronts and am starting on the sleeves. It’s in stocking stitch and once I’m past the increasing/decreasing part of the pattern, I can let my fingers fly while I’m watching the TV or a DVD.

I’m hoping to have this finished by the end of March, or at least by Easter :).

3. Dress- project in waiting

Now this is where I will readily admit to being slightly crazy. An initial shopping expedition saw me buy some fabric offcuts in Daylesford, with the intention of making a dress for Miss BG. Six months later, another shopping expedition to Aldi saw me pick up a admittedly cheap sewing machine, with the intention of making a dress for Miss BG. Pattern has been bought and the pieces have been cut. now all I have to do is get the machine out of the packaging, learn how to use one after 25 years, and make the dress. I’m making it a size larger, as I figure it’ll be good for next summer rather than this one :).

One thing I am determined to do is to focus on completing something before embarking on another. It’s too easy to abandon something for another more interesting project. This time I am determined to do one thing at a time. I just have to stay out of Lincraft and Spotlight for the next 6 months…

5 thoughts on “Bookgrrl’s Creative Space

  1. Lovely work there!
    And good luck with the last statement… that’s why my house has 4x40L bins full of fabric and sewing stuff.

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