Back to the 80s- Books

I do have more memories of the 80s, -they’re  memories of my adolescence, of braces and glasses, extreme shyness around boys, changing schools and moving towns- not all of it good.

I will tell you this- my first kiss happened at my uncle’s wedding on September 15, 1988 with another guest. He was a terrible kisser, all lips and not very firm. Things however did improve slowly on that front 🙂

My final journey down memory lane is via my bookshelf. When I wasn’t watching TV, listening to music, I was reading.

Mum was forever trying to kick me out of the house and exercise, which I did sporadically. But I would always creep back into my room eventually and read.

I read anything and everything- magazines, the newspaper (we used to get The Herald) and books of all descriptions. I would buy them, borrow them from the library or from friends. In a time when your adolescent hormones were in a state of flux, friendships developing and dissolving, books were a constant in my life.

I developed quite a taste for mysteries. From The Secret Seven and Trixie Belden, I progressed onto Agatha Christie. My 13th birthday was made all the more memorable by a teacher friend of my dad’s, Miss Rohan, giving me a bunch of Agatha Christies she had.

Romances also featured quite heavily- the Sweet Dreams series, and  Sweet Valley High were just coming out when I started secondary school. My reading habits were  pretty trashy that the school librarian recommended other books which were of a more worthwhile nature. The ones I remember were the Flambards series and the Pennington series, both by KM Peyton, and the Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula Le Guin. For that reason alone, I am very grateful to her.

Trashy books though always held a place in my heart. I read quite a bit of Virginia Andrews and when I was about 15-16,  and Jackie Collins- tres hot stuff for a Catholic schoolgirl :). I remember many a whispered discussion in the library or classroom in Year 10 regarding the sex scenes in Chances.

And as for other books- well, I do remember hiding a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Delta of Venus under my mattress. And yes, I did read them for the sex, but re-reading them now, you are also made aware of how beautifully they are written.

And so ends this trip down memory lane. Stay tuned for more adventures, and don’t forget that today (March 1) is  International Hug a Librarian Day. Hugs to you all!



3 thoughts on “Back to the 80s- Books

  1. I loved Flambards too. I think I harboured a secret desire to be a horsey, aristocratic British teenager with nothing more to do than muck out the stables after a jolly good ride. In reality, I am slightly afraid of horses….

  2. Ah yes, when I started reading your post I immediately remembered the very worn dog-eared copies of various Virginia Andrews books that were passed around in Year 9 & 10 – quite explicit after the original ‘dirty’ book, Puberty Blues. Cannot bring myself to re-read Virginia Andrews now as the writing is really not up to standard, but have re-read Puberty Blues, and giggled!

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