Back to the 80s- Television

For the first five years of the 80s we lived in Ararat, which meant having two TV channels- BTV 6, the regional station, which amalgamated feeds from 7,9 and 10, and the ABC.  Occasionally, if the weather was clear, we could pick up Channel 8, which was Bendigo.

As a result, it was a bit of a hotch potch. I watched A Country Practice, but not Sons and Daughters. We didn’t get Prisoner for quite a while, because the Anglican Bishop of Ballarat did not want it screened (apparently, but it could have very well been the Catholic Bishop of Ballarat!). It was screened at 11pm.

TV was the main way in which news broke. I remember a newsflash interrupting the after school cartoons to announce the murder of John Lennon

Our TV viewing options increased when we moved to Geelong and was able to get a metropolitan TV feed. This was the first ad we saw (honestly, I kid you not)

It was different from ads for silos and tractors at any rate.

My favourite TV moments were, in no particular order…

Doctor Who- which screened on  the ABC at 6pm weeknights, Monday to Thursday, when the episodes were half an hour and the story took place over four nights. My favourite has always been Tom Baker, until David Tennant came along :).

A Country Practice– Molly dying still brings tears to my eyes.

Neighbours– I saw it on Channel 7 before it went to Channel 10. I remember the original Scott, the original Lucy and the original Ramsay family before they moved away. It still spins me out that the Melbourne Museum has part of the set and Charlene’s wedding dress on display.

Home and Away- when I see Justine Clarke on Play School, I still remember her as Roo, Alf’s daughter, and still get a kick when she teams up with Alex Pappas, who played her boyfriend Frank on certain episodes of Play School (yes, I am a freak).

Hey, Hey it’s Saturday– in the 1980s, it was great as a show on a Saturday morning and I remember it becoming a fixture on a Saturday night in the mid-80s.

Countdown– it had to be said it was something which has never been replaced. Video Hits has come close and I watched that when I wasn’t wrestling control from my little brothers when they wanted to watch He-Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The biggest TV moment of the 80s was Live Aid– I watched all but three hours of it. The high points were Queen and U2, the low point was Molly talking while Duran Duran were on the stage in Philadelphia- pfft. My lovely sister gave me a DVD of it for Christmas a couple of years ago.

This then kinda segues into the next post, which will be music (of course!).

2 thoughts on “Back to the 80s- Television

  1. ahhh sooo many memories. We grew up separately but all but the country tv references are the same. I too get a kick out of seeing Roo and Frank together again on play school (didn’t they move to New yore?). Also Countdown and Live aid. The best eps of Rage are all the old re-runs of Countdown.

    Bring on the next post…and thanks for trip x

  2. Tom Baker, tick. Countdown, tick. Hey Hey (Saturday night version) double tick. We used to actually wait until it was over before going out on a Saturday night! I’ve only been like that about one other show and that was GNW when it first screened on the ABC on a Friday night.

    I wasn’t allowed watch Prisoner so was desperately out of the loop at school….

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