What’s a girl to do?

I’m on holidays, but you wouldn’t know it.

I’m calling it a working holiday, even though it’s not work, in the paid, librarian sense, but in the unpaid, thankless, yet at times thoroughly rewarding sense of mum, housewife and general organiser of life in the BG household.

I had to take leave, as I had too much of it (and no, I can’t give it away to you, or get it paid out), and chose to take it off in February to be around during Master BG’s first month of school. I’ve had to get used to making lunches, school assemblies, making sure uniforms  and shoes are clean and emptying bags of forms and newsletters at home. The last time I had to this was 1988, so I am a little out of practice…

Apart from that, Miss BG has started her dancing classes, and loving it. Seeing a bunch of three and four year olds in pink leotards and ballet shoes would have to be the cutest thing in the world- even cuter than fluffy kittens :).

Our garden has become a pile of dirt, with the final demolition of the circular brick structure.

The arborist is booked to remove a couple of dead and dangerous trees before the lawn is put down.We filled a skip last week full of bricks, concrete, and prunings from the garden consisting of hedges, holly and ivy and other pernicious vines.

Our gutters have been cleaned again in order to stave off any unwanted water flows into the bathroom and Master BG’s bedroom the last time it rained heavily. I booked the plumber to replace guttering and affix a drainpipe as further insurance against the inside of the house becoming soggy.

Now we will have soccer to look forward to on Saturday with Master BG. He never played a game in his short life, but he didn’t let that deter him from running up and down a pitch like a madman.

And finally there is the sort of jobs I love to hate- laundry, cleaning floors and bathrooms. I hate to admint it, but it’s a lot easier to do when you stay on top of them…

As a result, I haven’t had time to scratch myself, let alone blog about it! I have felt so out of the loop that people have commented that “we haven’t heard from you on Twitter or Facebook”. And now you know why!

Will I have some me time? Well from 9.15-12.15 on Fridays and from 9-3.30 on Monday is looking good. Wednesdays are with Master BG for the next couple of weeks as Preps attend 4 days for the first 4 weeks of school. I managed to get to Melbourne for a quick shop and yum cha with a delightful friend, and may spend the next couple of Mondays closer to home, poking into op-shops, going to the movies, or simply chilling.

Right now, the kettle is boiling for a cupa and I have about 5 minutes free to sit and drink it before tackling the chores…:)


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