School’s in

The bag is packed, books and pencils are labelled, and the clothes are laid out. Tomorrow Master BG starts school.

It feels as if we have been preparing him for years for this day- talking about school, walking or driving past it, visiting it for fetes, election day, and during school holidays to play in the playground. He’s a happy and confident little boy who is looking forward to seeing his big buddy in Grade 6, his friends from kinder and his new teacher. He can count, add and subtract and is beginning to read. He can also take off the glad wrap from his sandwiches for lunch!

The only thing  haven’t done is to prepare myself. I am so excited and so proud of how he has grown, but it will be a wrench closing that chapter of his life when he was just with me. It’s not that I want him to stay 5 forever, but I’ll miss him.

I’ve done the guilty mum thing this week, taking him to the movies and Maccas and the pool with his sister. We played on the computer together, headed up to the school to pick up his books, and just hung out watching telly. He’s enjoyed it too, just having some one-on-one time with me, which is quite rare with his sister around.

I’ve promised myself I won’t cry when I drop him off. That’s not to say I’m not doing it right now as I write this.

4 thoughts on “School’s in

  1. What a beautiful post! I don’t have kids, but I do have a mum and you’ve just given me an insight into what she must have felt all those years ago. Thank you!

  2. awww there there… *pats*
    I was the Awful Clingy Mum who stayed until lunchtime when Mr7 (firstborn) started school. Mind you, I did help them make kangaroo masks for the art-challenged teacher so I earned my keep.

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