Thriller Night

I love to be scared. I love suspense and horror stories and movies, ones that make you forget to breathe, make your heart pound and generally make your senses tingle. The superstitious Irish pagan in me is fascinated with the unexplained and ghoulies and ghosties*.

With that in mind, Mr BG gave me as a Christmas present an overnight trip to Daylesford, which included a ghost tour of the Convent Gallery. Being very familiar with the Gallery and its atmosphere, I was keen to find out more about its past inhabitants and see if any of them were still present.

The tour was conducted by a medium and researcher from and gallery staff. During the tour, stories are told of the medium’s experiences in the Gallery with past inhabitants, such as the nuns and students who lived there in its incarnation as a Convent and boarding school, which are then substantiated by research into the building’s history.

The tour was made even more interesting by the presence of Daibh O’Nhiall, a paranormal investigator, who brought some equipment which measured temperature and electro-magnetic fields, which were designed to measure the presence of a spirit. Many of the 15-strong tour group were able to carry a device, which allowed some of us to feel like ghostbusters :).

Caveat-I am a bit of a fan of these tours, and have gone on similar tours in Ballarat, Port Arthur and in Edinburgh**, all of which were undertaken by storytellers, most of whom were very talented at creating an atmosphere with their words. The presence of mediums and other members of the tour group who were quite sensitive to this phenomena served to add another layer on top of what was already a very spooky building, even during the day.

In all, it was a very interesting evening, with chills and unexplained draughts and EMF spikes. It made for an unsettled night’s sleep, which was remedied by a yummy breakfast at Cliffy’s and poke around the Sunday Market and the Mill Markets.

Did I have a good time? Of course! It capped off an interesting week, more of which will be explained anon.



*I also have a librarian side, who looks up everything, a logical side, and a hedonistic side who loves chocolate…

**I’ve also gone on tours to chocolate factories, whiskey distilleries, and wineries 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thriller Night

    • Occasionally…there was a show on Channel 10 which had people investigating activity at reputedly haunted places in Sydney that we watched avidly. I also remember getting scared when I first watched Doctor Who and the X-Files!

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