Toora Impressions

We go down to Toora a couple of times a year to visit my sister in-law and her husband. It’s about 4-5 hours away, with rest breaks. from Ballarat, so we tend to stay a couple of days.

The streetscape of Toora is quiet pretty, and pretty quiet. It is slowly becoming an artist’s retreat owing to cheap rents.

Toora has a community bank, laundromat, coffee shop, patisserie, op shop, supermarket and a pub which doubles as a TAB and also does a mean fisherman’s basket.

Nestled against hills, Toora is the site of a wind farm with 12 turbines.

Not far out of town is Agnes Falls, which are the highest single span falls in Victoria. They’re also incredibly beautiful.

Toora is a lovely place to relax, and I hope to be visiting there for many years to come.

And that’s me- 11 posts in 12 days for the blog12daysofxmas. It wasn’t easy, given I was in holiday mode, but fun nevertheless. Given it was in a holiday period, it was lovely to see another side of the participants- a more domestic, crafty, outdoorsy side, rather than the library side. It was good to read old favourites and read new blogs too :).

As for me, I’ll keep blogging away about books, craft, kids, cooking gardening and maybe squeeze the odd post in about work and techie stuff…

Stay tuned for more happenings chez Bookgrrl.



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