To see a fine lady upon a white horse…

We returned a few days ago from two magical days down at Toora, where we stayed with Mr BG’s family and chilled out. The kids went ape in the huge garden, played at leisure with their over abundance of Christmas presents and became reacquainted with their cousins.

Miss BG also got her wish to go for a ride on a horse, which was granted by her auntie, mummy and daddy and her auntie’s friend Kerryn, upon whose horse she rode.

Miss BG’s verdict on the ride, was that it was wobbly, but she loved it, with the horse walking gently on a quiet country road, with Kerry and Kerryn holding on to her and to the horse.

We also got to meet some of Kerryn’s calves!

Master BG declined the horse ride, saying he would do it another time, opting for a piggyback ride with Dad.

Meanwhile he later had a ride on his cousin Brad’s motorbike.

Stay tuned for more of our Toora adventures!


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