Sunburn, Bloody Sunburn

So far, we have…

Filled a 3 square metre skip full of weeds, holly, ivy, deadheaded roses and concrete

Stockpiled bricks and pavers for use as edging and paving

Trimmed the hedge, and pulled out heaps of holly and ivy and weeded the front yard

Cleared out the foliage and ivy down the side of the house

Pulled out and dug up weeds, started digging out the soil from the circle, and removed the pathway.

I also got sunburnt on the small of my back (tshirt riding up and jeans falling down, and no, there are NO photos of that!).

The circle is the next to go, once the dirt has been removed. The skip will be hired again  in a couple of weeks time as we remove more foliage and concrete from the circle.

I’m hoping to plant some daisies and ground cover in the front yard soon, and have spoken to our lovely next door neighbour about putting up a trellis on top of the existing fence for a climber such as jasmine or passionfruit. She’s more than happy to split the costs, which is good. Her handyman, Ron, will come around later in the week to put that up, which means a trip to a nursery for plant shopping on Saturday.

Meanwhile the little BGs are having a whale of a time playing in the dirt, and turning their bathwater black with grime 🙂

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