Operation Blitzkrieg

Hmmm…so much for blogging the 12 days of Christmas. The spirit was willing, but the internet connection was weak- nonexistent really. My sister in law is a firm believer of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the presence of the internet would have her bringing work home.

So I took photos, and ate, went to the local falls and ate, drank wine and ate, and went out for coffee and ate. More of the Christmas road trip will be revealed over the next couple of days, when I attempt to catch up with my posts.

In the meantime, I am awaiting the arrival of a skip into which most of the backyard’s weeds, rose clippings and a fair few broken bricks will disappear. The backyard is set to be transformed from an overgrown wilderness to something with a lawn for the kids to play on, a paving of a barbecue area  and the planting of creepers to disguise the fence.

What’s more, we’re not letting the fact we’re not gardeners stand in the way of doing this :). I’ll keep you posted…

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