Cool Yule

I’ve been up since the crack of dawn and am keeping awake with regular cups of tea. Santa has been and we were notified at 6.15am by Master BG who discovered his stocking had been filled, the carrot left outside had been eaten and the snacks left out for the big man in red had been eaten. Oh, and there were presents in a sack under the tree…

Miss BG had the good sense to sleep through her brother’s hubbub, and awoke later. She was very excited with her presents and even more so by the fact that her dummy had been taken for the baby reindeer.

After a breakfast of pancakes, we are relaxing and will be heading to Geelong for Christmas dinner. Boxing Day will be spent travelling to Gippsland for the inlaw Christmas fest.

And so in a moment of madness (of which I seem to have a few), I agreed to blog for the 12 days of Christmas. Follow on twitter the #blog12daysxmas all the library tweeps which will be participating. With limited or uncertain internet connectivity over the next couple of days, I’ll be challenged, and may resort to a photo post. Think of it as a holiday version of the blog :).

Have a good day everyone, happy christmas, joyeux noël, felice navidad, buon natale, fröliche weinachten, nollag sona and a happy festivus!

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