Father and Son, Mother and Daughter

Master BG is growing up. He’s off to school next year, his passion for Ben10 is slowly being supplanted by Harry Potter (thankfully!) and his playing has taken on an independent and imaginative turn.

He came down to the dining room and announced he was going to play library. He had an armful of Harry Potter books, with his little sister carrying some books on animals, robots, dinosaurs. It was going to be a Harry Potter and information library. The next day he was checking in books, and pretending to laminate them.

I borrowed some books and returned them promptly and borrowed some more. It was hilarious.

At his age, I was playing school, and trying to teach my toys and my sister their letters and numbers. Just like my dad.

Then there’s the physical resemblance- the slight build, his fast metabolism and his ability to sleep with few bedclothes and few pyjamas. Master BG even unconsciously mimics his dad’s stance.

He looks like a such a little man with his hands in his pockets!

If you were to ask my kids where I worked, they would say “The gym”, as they see me walk in the door as they’re getting up. Miss BG has said when she grows up she’ll go to the gym with Mummy. Considering the way she loves her dollies/babies, she’s definitely practicing to be a mum as well.

As for Miss BG- well her body shape is solid like mine, and she has a weakness for sugar and spice and all things nice. She also loves to stay warm at night with very warm pyjamas and bedsocks occasionally.

At a recent Christmas breakup for creche, she was given a present of a book from Santa, after waiting patiently at his feet for what must have seemed like hours. Amidst the hubbub of children tearing around, she unwrapped the book, opened it and proceeded to be enthralled by the Fairies and counting from 1 to 10.

That is SO me.


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