The Naked Face

The National Gallery of Victoria is currently showcasing an exhibition entitled The Naked Face: Self Portraits. It’s encouraging patrons of the exhibition (which is free- yay!) to take a self-portrati and email ot, which will then be showcased on the NGV’s Facebook page.

The aspect of self-portraiture is intriguing. It allows the person to define who they are, and depict some form of self-examination. In some ways this blog is a self-portrait in words, or at least a portrait of my life through my eyes and words.

Anyway this is NOT a self-portrait, but a very nice lady took a photo of me with my phone camera just before the start of the Sussan fun run which I completed a couple of weeks ago. I did the 10km route in 1 hour 3 minutes. I plan to do the same run again next year, under an hour, with the lovely Ms S who is unable to do any running at the moment, owing to a pending arrival in the Ms S household.

The only thing I was wearing on my face, apart from the specs, was sunscreen. There were some ladies who were running in full makeup, but I tend to prefer the less is more approach when getting sweaty :).

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