Angel, Sweet Angel

I’m obviously on someone’s good list, because this week I received a special delivery from Baker’s Delight of their fruit mince tarts and their lemon tarts from a very nice baker (and tall, dark and handsome to boot!).

The pastry was very short and buttery, the lemon curd  was creamy and not rubbery, and the fruit mince pies were from the account of Miss BG, yummy.

They were the perfect accompaniment to putting up the Christmas tree with the kids. They were very excited about pulling out the ornaments and placing them here and there. The final touch was the angel on the top of the tree.

There are lots of moments which feel Christmassy for me, and they mainly revolve around food. It’s seeing the gingerbread houses in the stores, the cherries in the supermarket and yes, the fruit mince pies in the bakery.

But the Christmassy moment which resonates the most is the placing of the first wrapped present under the tree. Usually it’s myself who has wrapped it, but it’s the moment that something you have picked out, or made, will soon be destined to be given to someone special.

It’s that emphasis on the giving that makes Christmas special. Honestly, it’s a wonderful feeling seeing the look of happy surprise on someone’s face when they receive and unwrap  your gift.

And in that spirit of giving…I have some vouchers from Baker’s Delight to give to some lucky people. They are for a free half-dozen Fruit Mince OR Lemon Tarts. They are valid until the 29 December. I’ll post out a voucher to the first 4 lucky people (Australia only) to leave a comment on this post.

If you also go to Baker’s Delight and leave a comment on when you feel Christmassy, you’ll go into the draw to win 2 dozen of the Fruit Mince or Lemon Tarts.



6 thoughts on “Angel, Sweet Angel

  1. Your tree looks gorgeous! We are yet to put ours up yet, waiting just a bit longer as we are getting a real one! I can’t wait though and the girls will be SO excited!! Although I think our littlest will just love pulling the decorations off!! Merry Christmas!

  2. We haven’t put our tree up yet either as we’re waiting for our new couches to arrive next week! Then it will Christmas central around here.

    And the cherries have been stupendous. Love ’em.

  3. mmmm, don’t want to appear too desperate, but lemon tarts are just about my favourite sweet thing! Well that and fruit tarts!

  4. 🙂 Baker’s Delight mince pies are one of the few store bought pies I like. But sadly, I am not in Oz. Happily, there is a Baker’s Delight not far from work. A field trip might be in order.

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