Mad Men Unbuttoned

Mad Men Unbuttoned , written by Natasha Vargas-Cooper, is described as a companion to the series Mad Men and deals with the first three series of the television show (the fourth series has just aired on American TV, as well as Australian pay TV).

Based upon the Mad Men Unbuttoned blog, it provides an excellent background to the advertising industry and the social mores and culture of the 1960s. You get to find out Don Draper was based upon a real advertising executive, as well as the real movers and shakers of Madison Avenue. The names which are casually dropped into conversation are explained more fully, as well as the literature and the cinematic references. And then there is the fashion, and how it evolves over the three seasons using the main female characters of the show as examples.

The chapters, as they are largely based upon blog posts are short and succinct, and make for a quick read. The book is illustrated with heaps of period photos and advertising imagery, and you could quite easily flick through the book to get a strong visual awareness of the period. It’s also really well researched and footnoted, which will appeal to academics or history geeks :).

It does not do a blow-by-blow episodic analysis, but rather answers questions you may have had about the show you never realise you had.


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