Ballarat Show

We decided it was time to introduce the little BGs to the Ballarat Show and all the fun it entails- showbags, rides, fairy floss and the animals, as well as the not-so-fun aspects it entails, like parking miles away from the showgrounds and queues.

We went on the first day, which was warm, and sunny, and apart from a strong northerly wind, perfect weather.

Highlights included

  • Their first ride- the look of sheer joy mixed with a touch of terror was priceless
  • Getting up close and personal with little lambs and piglets in the animal nursery.

  • A very nice bowl of mixed beries and yoghurt I had for lunch
  • The craft pavilion. Seeing schoolchildren’s artwork was lovely, and the crafts and sponge cakes were a marvel to behold.

  • There was also a cake and cookery section for children, the winner being a yummy chocolate cake. I’d love to know how to get a job taste-testing for the Show!

  • Seeing them rummage around in their showbag (Batman for Master BG, and a Barbie showbag for Miss BG). We just bought a single showbag, figuring there would be plenty of years before they cotton on to the fact you can get ones with chocolate and lollies.

Lowlights included

  • The queues. I know they’re inevitable, but sometimes they could have been avoidable with a few more staff in the right places. Do you really need three security staff at the gate, while only one person is manning the ticket office? One man was operating two rides and for safety reasons had to supervise while one was in operation, so the other people waiting for their ride had to wait. And wait.
  • A Mr Whippy van which wouldn’t open until 2pm- tantalising to hot show goers
  • Overpriced junk food- battered saveloys on sticks looked disgusting.
  • Oh, and I got interviewed by Win TV, our local news. Of all the days not to wear makeup…

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