500 Days of Summer

( A word of warning about these reviews- I’ll be looking at things which I have just encountered, but may not necessarily be brand-new. As I’ve just gotten my life back, so to speak, after years of study, please be gentle with me :))

This DVD literally ended up on my doorstep, courtesy of my sister-in-law Anne and my nieces Kate and Lou, who thought I’d enjoy it.

The basic premise is boy meets girl, but boy falls in love and girl doesn’t. When Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an architect turned greeting-card writer, meets Summer (Zooey Deschanel), he falls in love with her, despite Summer’s assertions she does not believe in love and is not looking for a boyfriend. The inevitable breakup happens, but the story ends on an upbeat note.

The film is unconventional for a couple of reasons. The first is that it’s a story about love told from the male perspective, which doesn’t happen all that often. The non-linear narrative also adds an interesting angle to the story. As it’s told in the form of Tom’s memories, aspects are added or slightly changed, so not every flashback is told in the same way.

While it’s classified as a romantic comedy, it feels more than that. It’s quirky, off-beat and the two leads Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd rock from the sun, 10 things I hate about you) and Zooey Deschanel (often the actress in forgettable movies which makes them memorable), definitely add to that quirkiness. They have a wonderful chemistry and really own the characters.

It was short (about 90 minutes), which worked in its favour. You can sometimes spoil a story by letting it go on for too long.

The soundtrack was excellent and eclectic and featured tracks by Regina Spektor, Belle and Sebastian, Doves, The Temper Trap and Hall and Oates.

If you haven’t already seen it, you really should.


2 thoughts on “500 Days of Summer

  1. loved it – it also has the Smiths on the soundtrack.

    Also loved the surprise at the end (to do with Summer) as I thought it was going to be a conventional love story, but the great thing about it is, that it’s not.


    PS you are forgiven for this not being new – go forth and have a life now!

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