Frock Friday

The best laid plans often go awry. I had been planning a week of reading and writing, but spent it kid-wrangling, gardening, ironing and knitting. Mr BG was away at a conference and by the end of the day, it was all I could do to drag myself onto the couch, watch (bad) TV and knit (the nights were cold, it kept my hands busy and I didn’t really have to think except which row was purl or plain). My internet connection had gone down to dialup speed, and I had gotten to that point where I was sick of looking at a computer screen for my entertainment.

I did manage to get away on Wednesday for a dress fitting for a frock,  from a very talented girl from Rococo Retro. I met her at the Buninyong Maker’s Market where she had a stall.

The frock will be waisted with a tight bodice and full skirt. A very 50s style, which will go down a treat if I go to a cocktail party or to a nice restaurant for dinner, followed by a stay in a fancy hotel. If I keep on saying it, it just might happen :).

Anyway the warmer weather has had me embracing more skirts and dresses. I have currently introduced Frock Friday to get out of wearing the usual work wear of black, layered with black with a dash of grey, or perhaps more black. Today I went floral in a silk dress, with floaty full skirt. Memo to self- avoid said floral dress on windy days. I spent my time outside holding on for dear life to the skirt to avoid flashing my undies to all and sundry. I was grateful I was wearing nice undies though :).

Hopefully the weekend allows for some reading. I currently have Winter of our Disconnect on my bedside table and just brought home Campaign Ruby from the library.

May you have a lovely weekend, whatever you do. xo


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