Chicklit grrl

An interesting conversation occurred on Twitter last week, where a wide range of brilliant, fantastic women confessed to reading Mills & Boon.

After having been a librarian in a public library, this doesn’t surprise me. A lot of ladies (and occasionally men!) who read them were educated, and not just grey-haired nannas. The most prolific borrower was a girl about 20, who used to read them as relaxation from her Chemical Engineering course at Monash University.

By the way, if you were wanting a comprehensive collection of Mills & Boon titles, the University of Melbourne has them. According to @restructuregirl, there have been 2 theses written about them!

The only time I would read M&B would be at the end of a uni semester, post-exams. My mum would get a few from the op shop for about 50 centrs so there were always a few about. I would read about half-a-dozen in the space of a week, to relax my brain, and then having gotten sick of a man’s erect penis described as his hardening desire, or fullness, I would stop and read other stuff.

So after having finished my last semester (yay), I delved into a couple of books that I had been meaning to get around to reading. Three books in one week, which wasn’t too bad.

This time around, they would be what is classified as Chicklit. They’re a bit thicker than Mills & Boon (the books I mean!), but still a fairly standard love story. The sex scenes have less euphemisms which is good :).

If you are interested in all things chicklit there is a good site called Chick Lit Reviews. Their blog is quite entertaining especially when they review Classic Chick Flicks- most of which are 20 years old, which was when I saw them in the cinema. It’s always nice to be reminded that my late teens are now regarded as classic…



2 thoughts on “Chicklit grrl

  1. Ha ha – I only read Mills and Boon when pregnant. One of those things that in the early stages I can’t keep any food down nor I can I keep any big chunks of literature down! It still allows me to read whilst feeling like crap! Definitely a place for them in my house…

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