X, Y, Z…

X is for …X-factor

“did you watch it?” my brother Mark asked excitedly on the Sunday on our way to Greenwich.”What?” “X-factor!”

X-factor is to the UK as Masterchef is to Australia, something which passed me by again this year.

Both brothers are obsessed, with Andrew blowing off an invite to go out on the town to stay in and watch it. This is serious, as X-factor is shown on a Saturday night, the big pulling night of the week.

Y is for …You look great!

The last time I visited Ireland 9 years, I was 10 kilos heavier. I came back looking fitter, healthier and better than I did when I was 30. I got compliments even from Kitty, who has a fervent distaste for overweight people. So yes, it was nice to have nice things said about me :).

Z is for …Zoo

The London Zoo is

a) designed to suck as much money out of you as possible

b) the place where I got sunburned

c) not as large as the Melbourne Zoo

d) all of the above

If you picked d) bravo!

We spent the day at the Zoo with Pam, who had sung with Mr BG at the Betsey Trotwood, many, many posts ago, her husband and her two little girls, who were the same age as our little BGs.

The London Zoo is set in a corner of Regent’s Park, but the main entrance is accessed by crossing  a canal.

We had been warned about the cost and I can only say I am thankful for a strong Australian Dollar. However, given that every single other attraction we had visited in London had been free, it evened out.

The London Zoo is smaller than the Melbourne one, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just meant you weren’t walking so far from one end of the zoo to another to see a favourite animal.

Even so, there was enough space for the kids to run, and run, and run, with me running after Miss BG a number of times. The meerkats were a hit and the playground and rides were excellent.

It was great to see the littlies get to know each other, although Master BG was sorely put out by Pam’s eldest, who managed to outrun him in a running race. The two youngest became firm friends, and were later seen walking around hand-in-hand.

Evidence of a good day- the kids were fast asleep by 7pm and did not stir once!

So that’s it, the last of the holiday posts. It’s not as hellish as what I thought it would be (save the first plane trip over to London), and it was fun plannng outings to places that we thought the kids would enjoy.

We did a lot more things togetherand spent a lot less time on the computer, which was a good thing.

So thanks for reading. xo


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