Taking a tumble*

*The rest of the A-Z of my trip will be back on Monday, I promise. It’s been a weird week.

I had recently decided to re-activate my Tumblr page after letting it languish for months. Actually, it was started to demonstrate to staff at work how it worked, and with a friend having started using it as a blogging platform, I decided to give it a whirl again.

There were aspects of Tumblr which were quite similar to other social media platforms.  The ability to re-post, or re-blog other people’s content was similar to sharing on Facebook, or re-tweeting on Twitter. By liking other people’s work, you could build up a collection of posts you could view. People posted text, audio and video and pictures. There was some amazing photography and illustrations to view, and the more people you followed, the greater variety of posts you could see.

The dashboard was similar to a news or twitter feed and was where you viewed other people’s posts and where you could post your own. If you had been away from your page for a while, you had to scroll back a fair bit if you wanted to see what had been  posted. I found the speed to be a slight issue. The servers took a while to respond, so if you had the page open and posts had begun to accumulate, it took a while to refresh. Even sitting on a broadband connection, it wasn’t super-fast, but then it probably doesn’t have the huge server capacity of Facebook or Twitter.

It was also incredibly easy to use and incredibly easy to set up an account, so for that reason I’d recommend it for someone who wants to get their feet wet with publishing online.


Today I deleted my Tumblr account. Why? It was yet another thing to look at, and even with the extra time now afforded to me since the end of study, I didn’t want to spend it in front of a computer. I spend enough time online as it is with other social networks, blogging and catching up with other people’s blogs. I know the cliche is over-used, but I want to spend more time with my family.

And while Tumblr is a great platform for showcasing visual elements, I missed the written aspect of reading people’s thoughts and feelings. Twitter’s pithiness suits me better in making short, sharp comments and my blog suits me when I want to expand further.

Finally, some of the content wasn’t simply for me. There are elements which are NSFW, as well as NSFH.I guess it is like anything online, that you don’t see it until you search for it. I did follow some people who posted fantastic imagery of an erotic nature. However, leaving it open at home on my desktop was not an option like Twitter or Facebook, and the PC is in a public space in our house. Not all of it was to my taste as well, and my inner feminist was a tad enraged at some of the submissive and brutal imagery. This however clashed with my chacun a son gout philosophy, so I decided to no longer follow the tumblr path.



One thought on “Taking a tumble*

  1. I love my Tumblr and use it for purely visual reasons. It’s where I post (and reblog) creative inspiration – mostly craft-related images. The only text I use is in relation to the images. It suits me because it’s where I go when I *don’t* want to read, but just want to look 🙂 I think it will stay relevant to me because I use it for a specific purpose.

    I agree that there’s a lot of stuff on Tumblr that is NSFW, but it can be avoided. I don’t get much in my Tumblr stream. The people that I follow are usually similar to me in what they post. It gives me a huge buzz when something I post also appeals to others, and I see it get liked and reblogged again and again 🙂

    We’ve just started using Tumblr at work as a way of sharing and storing suggestions for professional reading (we’re also testing Posterous, but people seem to prefer Tumblr so far). Everyone in my team has admin access, and we use email or the bookmarklet to post information there. It’s a great alternative to emailing stuff to each other all the time, and we can subscribe to the RSS feed if we don’t want to visit the site regularly. If you’re interested (maybe for showing other staff now that you don’t use it), it’s here – http://lillconnect.tumblr.com/

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