R is for…


Let’s talk about the weather.

It was pelting when we came out of Islington station. A typical London day! I remember our welcoming committee of Mum, Dad and my brothers huddling under the trees with the kids, while we went across the road to grab the keys from Ian for our house. Despite getting drenched, it felt exhilarating to be in the fresh air after 30 hours of travel. I couldn’t stop smiling for another reason.

London was warm. It was wet., but it was 21 degrees, which coming from winter highs of 8, was delicious. I didn’t care about the rain, I didn’t have to wear four layers of clothes to go outside. The owners of our little house in Islington were very thoughtful in providing an umbrella for us, which Mum was eyeing off as she was leaving (she is very particular about her hair).

We had a couple of rainy days, but the showers didn’t last, and for the most part, we had great weather. I even felt a touch of sunburn on my neck after a day out.

It was really weird being in Ireland in early September. For a start, it was SUNNY. I felt a bit disorientated on my second day in Belfast and I’m sure it could be attributed to it being 20 degrees. And then it started raining and I felt at home again.

There is a reason why Ireland is so green- it rains…

Some of us still managed to have fun on Moya’s trampoline (I did, but thankfully noone was around to take a phot :))


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