N is for…

Natural History Museum

We had been warned about the queues, so arrived early… and got stuck in the queue.

Thankfully it was not too cold, it wasn’t raining, and we had a perfect chance to admire the architecture while waiting.

Once inside we caught a glimpse of what we were hunting- Dinosaurs!

The place was busy already, and I’m glad we arrived early. The collection was fantastic and appealed to everyone of all ages. There was even an animated Tyrannosaurus Rex.

National Gallery

Visiting the National Gallery is like popping in to see old friends. Their faces are so familiar, and they don’t mind if you want to spend ages there, or just pop in and out. I wanted to show the kids my favourite picture, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Miss BG thought it was pretty, but there should have been more purple.

I got a more excited response from Master BG when he saw Seurat’s The Bathers. He was very impressed with the size of the painting, as he had only seen it in a little picture book called Sunday with Seurat.

We sat in front of it and looked at the painting for a little while, then had a little wander before the kids expressed their desire for icecream, by experimenting with sound and echoes in the large rooms (they were a tad loud).

Uusually we wouldn’t stay too long in the museums we visited, which didn’t worry us too much. They were free to enter, so it wasn’t a case of trying to get our money’s worth from a day.

One thought on “N is for…

  1. We have been members of the NGA here for years and we always wanted to take the kidlets for short, fun trips to art galleries etc. I never wanted them to have bad experiences of long days- love the Seurat and van Gogh comments!!
    It’s so much easier when these places are free! and these days there are so many add ons for kids- activities etc if you want to do them.

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