M is for…


As we have reached the halfway point of the A-Z  of the trip (yay!) a musical interlude.

A band that played with Mr BG at the Betsey Trotwood, and who also played in Berlin were the Sunny Street. The sunny Street are Remi, Delphine, Ian and Christos.  They were all incredibly nice people who play beautiful music. This is a cover they did of ‘What is Love’ by Haddaway.


My brother Mark left Australia 10 years ago with a couple of suitcases. In the 10 years in London, he has gained his Masters in Physiotherapy and is  the head of the Neuro-physiotherapy department in his hospital. He has bought a flat in Islington and has just celebrated his 2nd wedding anniversary with Americo, his husband. He’s a bit more serious than Andrew, but is still not averse to letting his hair down (well he would if he had more hair…)


We stayed with Moya and her two daughters Karen and Claire (my cousins), while in Belfast. It was a great chance to really get to know her. Moya is the youngest of my Dad’s siblings, but definitely the most headstrong. I see a lot of her in Miss BG, and I think that’s a good thing. She’s a strong, capable person who has managed to raise two daughters single-handedly, teach, and coach and manage netball competitions. And still find time for us, which was pretty cool 🙂


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