L is for…


Miss BG celebrated her 3rd birthday in London. The day of her birthday, we hopped  on a double-decker bus (no.43 for those bus spotters) sat on the top, and went to London Bridge. It was way before 10am and hardly any of the shops were open.

We drove through the City, which was quite deserted by normal standards, past the Bank of England and ended up at London Bridge, which wasn’t falling down.

We then strolled along the south side of the bank to Tower Bridge,  and saw the Tower of London from across the Thames.

We looked for the Traitor’s Gate, but it appeared to have been bricked up. We walked over Tower Bridge, before catching the Tube back home. Not before soaking up some sun, something we had sorely missed after a long Ballarat winter.

We did lots of things in London, but it was nice just to go for a walk in one of the most exciting cities in the world. In the sun.


Not even on holidays could I get away with not doing it. We were lucky in that wherever we went, there was access to a washing machine and in a couple of places, a washer-dryer (I so need to get out more if I get excited by household appliances :))

I was suddenly hit with an epiphany at my auntie Moya’s house. She was showing me how to use the machine and pointed to some instructions written above the machine. “I put them up there for P (ex-husband) so he knew how to put a wash on. But he never did, the….” I squirmed slightly.

Since we got a new front-loader (2 years ago), I was the only one who had put a wash on. My daughter knows more about the washing machine than her father does.

It’s an understandable situation. I’m home during the day, working part-time. I am, in part, to blame. However, after that remark from Moya, I thought it was a situation which had prevailed for longer than necessary, particularly when it was supposed to be a holiday for everyone.

Let’s just say the situation has been rectified to some extent since arriving back home, and it’s going well.


5 thoughts on “L is for…

  1. Oh I love just walking around a place when I visit. I like to see people just going about their day.

    Thankfully everyone in my house knows how to do the washing, but some can’t put together that full washing basket = do a load without being asked!

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