H is for…


When you have children, your radar becomes tuned into different things. You’ll go to cafes where you can fit a pram, or a restaurant where there’s a kid’s menu/play area. On holiday, your plans involve playgrounds and spaces that your children will enjoy. On our one day of shopping in London, we went to Hamleys.

I had never heard of this place and it was in Regent Street, just down from Oxford Circus. Not only that, Hamleys is celebrating its 250th anniversary.

Think of Toy Story 5- sorry, 5 storeys of toys, where staff are nice and talk to your children like real people, where there are computer games to play with and a giant Buzz Lightyear made entirely out of Lego. In fact they had an entire floor devoted to Lego, Meccano and all things that little boys like to put together, pull apart and leave on the floor for parents to stand on in bare feet.

The girl’s themed floor was awash with pink, and not only did they have lots of crafty stuff, but there was a mini-stylist, where you could have your hair styled (for 15 pounds).

Miss BG purchased a doll’s teaset in a little case, and Mr BG walked out with Toy Story Lego. It was all bought on the proviso that it be small enough to fit into the suitcases, so the Buzz Lightyear Lego man had to stay in the shop.

It was much better than going to Harrods where you have to carry your backpack and the crowds are far busier. We arrived around 10, around opening time for most stores, so it was nice and quiet.

Having accomplished this task we went to Trafalgar Square for…icecream!


7 thoughts on “H is for…

  1. When I was 7 my parents took us back to the UK for the big meet the family thing and we went to Hamleys. Amazing store! I still have the dolls furniture mum got me for my doll’s house (which hopefully will come out of storage if this thing I am carrying happens to be a girl). Am 30 now so fond memories of that shop 23 years on…

  2. sounds wonderful, and I think the photo says it all!
    My parents lived in Adelaide when my children were small…I can help anyone out with playgrounds and places to stop from Canberra through to Adelaide!

  3. I love Hamleys! I went as a kid (I was about 7 too) and I still have dolls house furniture (and a marionette) from there too. It was a lot more than 23 years ago can I tell you….

    When I went to the UK 2 years ago I took Mr-then-11 & Ms-then-14 to Hamleys and it really is kid heaven, the staff were having fun (it was about 6 weeks before Christmas so you can just imagine) and it was just a fun place to hang out.

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