G is for…


On the first Sunday of our holiday we visited Greenwich with my parents and brothers. I didn’t know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised.

Greenwich is a pretty part of London. The Georgians certainly appreciated the appeal of open expanses of land. The National Maritime Museum sits perfectly in its position and from the hill you can truly appreciate the symmetry of its design.  The park has a timeless quality, even with the City in the background.

We headed up the hill to the Royal Observatory, where we had the obligatory photos taken along the meridian line.

As always we had to queue for these, but the English as I have learned are very experienced, very patient and most of the time very good natured about it! As a museum,  the Royal Observatory is quite amazing, very informative, free, and has lovely gardens. Not only that, you have to climb up the hill to visit and you have something for the whole family (for the little BGs, a hill is great to run down!)

We visited the Greenwich market  for lunch, where my parents had spicy sausages, I had a felafel and some of us (not looking at anyone in particular) succumbed to Portuguese donuts, which looked suspiciously like Spanish churros except thay were filled with chocolate or caramel sauce. I have a sweet tooth, but I would have had no teeth after those.

With the kids getting antsy, it was time to head back. We took a ferry back to London Bridge to catch the no 43 back home.


Thanks to my lovely brothers, the kids have had a fair sprinkling of Gap clothes sent over. This was the first time I had a chance to shop for the kids myself, and I limited myself to a dress and a top for Miss BG and jeans and a top for the young Master. Mind you, I could have gone slightly crazy, but I consoled myself with the knowledge that Gap had been open in Chaddy for nearly a week and I could always pay a visit closer to Christmas.

For myself, I bought a pair of cropped black pants, in which I feel tres chic!


4 thoughts on “G is for…

  1. I have never caught a boat along the Thames or been to Greenwich- despite living in London for 6months in the 80s. Would love to go – are you watching the Lost Gardens show on ABC 6pm Thursdays?

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