E is for…


The town in which my granny has lived for over 40 years, Enniskillen is also home to my lovely auntie Stephanie, my mum’s youngest sister.

It’s a really pretty town, about a two-hour drive out of Belfast. It takes that long as not all the roads are straight and wide, and you are using the road with lorries and more slower moving vehicles. It’s a chance to get up close to all the green fields and hedges which grow ever so close to the road and smell the cow dung from the farms as you whiz past.

This time instead of staying with granny or my auntie, we stayed  a couple of miles out of town in a little place called Ballycassidy.

Well, over the bridge and just around the corner…

Being a little bit out of town was a great chance to show the kids the beautiful countryside. With Enniskillen located on Lough Erne (Lough the Irish spelling of Loch), we decided to drive around the lake and soaked up the vistas. We visited Boa Island and visited some statues in the graveyard which are believed to be Celtic deities.

I just love the way that a lot of these pagan and ancient spaces have largely been left alone. In this case, there was a canopy placed over the statues to keep the rain off it. In other cases it has largely been a sign on the side of the road pointing to a tiny laneway down which there are stones, forts, dolmens or tombs just minding their own business…

Another place we wanted to visit was Devenish Island which one of the first monastic sites in Northern Ireland. It has a round tower and the ruins of an abbey and is accessible only by ferry. Unfortunately, the ferry was out of operation the day we visited, so we had to make do with longing glances from afar.

Another time…


2 thoughts on “E is for…

  1. Woot! More stories from Ireland. I’m planning a trip to the UK next year and have a friend in Dublin so will possibly go there to see her, but am very interested in seeing Belfast & surrounds – at the rate I am going I will need 6 weeks instead of just 2 😦

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