The washing in the dryer goes round and round

I had to do some last minute washing before we leave tomorrow, which meant heading to the laundromat to get it all dried. The laundromat has the local paper and the latest gossip mags, so it wasn’t too bad waiting…

It was also the first chance I had been able to be by myself all day. The next few weeks will be tiring, having to be switched on, alert and in mum mode at all times- not my natural settings :).

The excitement levels are rising, but I have been rushing around getting stuff done, like cleaning the house, hosting inlaws for a little birthday celebration for nearly-3 Miss BG, paying bills and filling prescriptions that I haven’t had time to started bubbling with excitement.

I started packing today, which has helped making it all real. This time I’m packing for three rather than one, as well as trying to reduce Mr BG’s penchant for overpacking. The minute I turn my back, I am sure he is going to sneak in an extra tshirt…


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