Bag Lady

My work bag. What gets moved from this into my weekend bag are keys, camera and purse. I’ll take my iPod to the gym, but it lives in this bag. Other stuff like tissues, spare shopping bag and an emergency lippy are in my weekend bag. I took this with my phone camera as it’s easier to upload. The Flickr version of this photo has notes on it, which explains the story of the contents in more detail. And if you’re wondering, yes there are 6 lipsticks…

My work bag is a very nice handbag, and was a gift from my godmother. Rather than save it for a special occasion (ie never), I use it for the two days I work in paid employment. That makes going to work all that more pleasurable, and makes me feel like I’m all grown up with a serious bag. My other/weekend bag is more casual, one that I can sling bandolier style around my shoulder to have hands free for kid wrangling.

I am not by nature an organised person, but I have found that being organised can make my life and my family’s life easier. That means on the days before I go to work making sure the kid’s clothes are laid out the night before I go to work so Mr BG can dress the kids easily, trying to have a meal prepared to be heated up, as well as deciding what to wear myself the night before and having it in the bathroom. That is probably the extent of my organisation- you should see the state of my dining table (actually better not…).


2 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. Why on earth do you need wool in your work bag?
    Lipsticks I can understand but a camera too? what for? I saw you this morning lying all this on your desk , it looks all tidy on the table, but i can imagine inside your bag? lol….
    i love your work bag… i told you so from the first day i saw it… one of these days…… hmmmm…

    • I’m doing some crochet and the wool is what I’m using. The camera is for taking photos for a project I’m doing this month, and yes the whole lot gets shoved into the bag 🙂

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