1st Scarf

I made a scarf for Master BG with some acrylic yarn in green, his favourite colour. I need to work on the tension, as the scarf tends to twist about, but I’m happy I finished it!

Master BG loves the colour, but it is usually around his neck for about three seconds when outside as it’s too constricting around his neck, too scratchy (I know the feeling as a kid about that), or it simply gets in the way.

I feel with each project I finish, my confidence grows in the knowledge I can accomplish something. I’ll never be the greatest knitter or crocheter, but it whiles away the evenings when the kids are in bed, or keeps me busy on the train in the morning. You can stare at a computer for only too long…


3 thoughts on “1st Scarf

  1. You scarf looks great! I need to stop worrying about perfectionism. Hand made things are never going to look perfect, and that is their charm.

    Last night I started knitting a lipstick red scarf for @restructuregirl !

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