Camp Street Ballarat

I took this on Ballarat’s Heritage Weekend, which is the 2nd weekend of May.I had just come out of the Mining Exchange, saw the sun and the pretty terrace houses and went snap!

Camp Street plays host to restaurants, bars, and a campus of the University of Ballarat. Both the Art Gallery and the Mining Exchange back on to the street, which meanders. It’s a bit of a dog leg street that the planners forgot, which I like.

I didn’t take a photo today, because I only ventured out to take Master BG to the doctor- the weather was too horrible.

It was a beautiful autumn day, and I wanted to remind myself that the sun does shine here, by posting it up!


2 thoughts on “Camp Street Ballarat

  1. Yeah it was a 5 min teaser wasn’t it. SO Ballarat could get in some tourism publicity shots, then back to Siberian usual weather.

    • Yep, that’s what happens, or at least on the day I went up to Ballarat with my husband for his job interview, it was a beautiful 21 degrees. I think that’s why I like the place- it’s such a tease 🙂

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