My desk

This is one of the workspaces I have at work. The other is a shared workspace used when I do a desk shift. This space is mine and is personalised with photos, favourite postcards from the lovely Ms S, posters from fellow work colleagues extolling the virtues of Twitter and a sign saying “gorgeous librarians” to remind me of how gorgeous librarians are and then by extension, how gorgeous I must be :).

I also have a Wonder Woman figurine which I salvaged from the kids. It does appear without her Lasso of Truth, but that doesn’t worry me, as years of working in retail and in a public library environment has honed my bullshit detector…

The space is fairly mundane, but I like it because I know I can leave something on my desk and know it will be in the same place when I return. Little hands won’t disappear with something off the desk, and my chocolate stash will remain where it is. It’s a place where I can be librarian me, and not just mummy.

Thoughat the same time, my thoughts are never far from home, and the first instinct I had today when I found out Master BG was unwell was to dash home. Never mind the fact it would take a couple of hours (owing to slow train/offpeak service), I just wanted to be there.

*MPOW= My Place of Work


One thought on “MPOW*

  1. I am enjoying your August thoughts. Your little empire looks very nice 🙂
    I hope Master BG is soon feeling better. I know that feeling of being so far away when you get the “sick child” call; it’s an awful one!

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