Mad woman

The fourth season of Mad Men has started in the US and I am bereft. I am consoling myself with reading the detailed synopsis. If I hear whispers from my readers of “Bit Torrent”, I would have to say I don’t do that. I don’t want to gobble up our bandwidth and besides, we use it to download music not TV ;).

Of course reading about an episode doesn’t really make up for the true appeal of the show, which is its visual appeal. I love the sharp suits of the men who aren’t afraid to wear hats, the clean lines of the furniture and interior design and the fashion of the women.

Of course the visual appeal also lies with the handsome cast! Not only are they easy on the eye, but their characterisations are sharp and you can truly see them for the flawed individuals they are.

Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway has been described by the British Equalities Minister as a fabulous physical role model for girls.

Joan Holloway

Joan Holloway from Mad Men

She plays someone who plays to her strengths, which are her femininity and her luscious curves. She has finally gotten what she wished for- marriage to a handsome young doctor- but realises it’s not entirely as she hoped.

Betty Draper

Betty reminds me of Grace Kelly- stunningly beautiful, but ice-cold. I’m not entirely sympathetic to her, but I  understand her need to act out occasionally.

Don Draper

Don Draper

He drinks too much, smokes, cheats on his wife, yet is utterly irresistible. I should hate him, but he has an aura about him that I can’t fathom. Is it the manly jaw, the hair,his mysterious past, his penchant for brunettes, or simply the way he wears a suit? I think what I’m missing most about Mad Men is HIM.


5 thoughts on “Mad woman

  1. Great post. I share your thoughts – all of them! I’ve been reading some of the press about Christina Hendricks also.
    I have only seen season 1. Season 2 starts on SBS this Sunday and I cannot wait…. 🙂

  2. I have not watched any episodes but I did see yesterday that season 4 is starting on Austar this week, if only I had old fashioned technology like a VCR I could tape it for you 🙂

  3. I haven’t even seen Mad Men yet, but I love Christina Hendricks – she’s just beautiful.

    … in no way influenced by the fact that I’m a red head!

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