Poor boy

Master BG on the couch

Poor Boy

My patient has been complaining of feeling achy, tired, hot, bored, weak, thirsty, loud noises and an annoying sister. He hates being sick, and the only thing he wants is mummy.

I hate that feeling of helplessness you get when your children are sick and in pain. There is nothing else to do except to cuddle them. Unfortunately Master BG is beginning to get too big to sit comfortably in my lap, so we’ve alternated between sitting on the couch watching DVDs and sitting on my lap playing computer games.

His fever seems to have broken and while he doesn’t have an appetite, he appears to be on the mend.


4 thoughts on “Poor boy

  1. I think that helpless feeling is the most horrible feeling but you are being helpful – he just likes having his mummy around x

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