Orange and Lemons

Church and Church Hall

View of Church from our verandah

You can see St Peters Church from our verandah. Every Wednesday night is bell ringing practice and the children go to sleep to the sound of bells. We wake up to the sound of bells on Sunday morning at 8am, which is the extent of our sleep-in! Seeing the church gives the street a villagey feel- in fact, it also gives our street its name.

There is something quite comforting having a church nearby; it’s probably the Catholic girl in me, but it feels as if God is nearby, just in case I need Him. That is kinda funny in itself as I’ve never set foot in the church and I describe myself as happily lapsed.

I did post a picture to Flickr yesterday of what I was doing, but clean forgot to put it here.

front loader

Spinning Around

Laundry. When I’m not a librarian, I wash clothes. My front loader may save water, but it takes longer to complete a load than my old machine.Yesterday it felt like my life revolved around sorting, washing hanging, folding, then repeat. What’s the laundry equivalent term of ‘going postal’?
If I act out, I usually blame the laundry…

With young kids, it’s hard to leave the washing for more than a couple of days, and the challenge in winter is to get it dry. The only saving grace is the majority of our clothes don’t need ironing and Mr BG does his own shirts!


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