Counting Down

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Counting Down

We’re heading off in 22 days to see my brothers in London, my grandparents in Ireland and a weekend in Berlin for a music festival. I spoke to my grandad this morning to wish him a happy 93rd birthday. He’s getting excited about seeing his only great grandchildren, and so are we!

I had a great conversation with my grandad about his experiences with my dad and my auntie Dee when they were young. Apparently taking it in turns to be unsettled in the middle of the night is a family trait :).

The itinerary includes a week in London, staying in Islington and catching up with my brothers, 2 weeks in Ireland which will be spent in the North in Belfast and Enniskillen, and a weekend in Berlin sans kids. My parents will be over at the same time and they have (courageously) volunteered to spoil look after the little BGs with the assistance of aunts, uncles and cousins.

Of course, we have to get there, and the prospect of flying with two children under 6 leaves me with dread and a few sleepless nights. Any suggestions will be gratefully received…


4 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. Don’t know about advice for flying with children, but a friend produced a wonderful scrapbook for me on my first big O/S adventure (I was 21yrs old at the time!)- complete with colouring in pictures, join the dots, and she included the colour pencils! Seriously, planes these days have all sorts of inflight goodies – the time will just fly by.

  2. Let ’em watch as many movies as they want? LOL! good luck.. hopefully the novelty will keep them amused and they will be able to sleep for some of it.

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