Embracing one’s inner sloth

This morning, instead of getting up at 5.30am to go to the gym for 45 minutes of a RPM class, followed by a supermarket shop, then back home in time to get kids breakfasted, dressed and ready for the kinder dash…I stayed in bed.

It was bliss, staying in the warm bed when Mr BG got up. The little BGs woke up and drifted into the big bed for cuddles, then hotfooted down to the kitchen where their dad made them their breakfast. Meanwhile I continued to stay in bed, reading Bill Bryson’s At home: a short history of private life (three chapters in, so far eminently readable, informative and very funny), and feeling like a queen. I had sent Miss BG to her dad for a request for a morning cuppa and received one with the words “And what did your last slave die of?” “Insolence,” I replied.*

I later sent Miss BG down to her dad with the message that Mummy loves Daddy very much. I later found out that what she had said was “Daddy, you must say that you love Mummy”

The lesson learned Chinese whispers was a game obviously invented by someone observing toddlers.

The idyll lasted until 8.45 when I reluctantly got up to forage for breakfast. No bread for toast- I really should have gone to the supermarket this morning…

The only real reason for the slothfullness was that I could. There was no kinder for Master BG this morning, owing to a conference the teachers were attending, and we didn’t have to be anywhere today. I did not have to be at work until tomorrow. The most pressing things to be done today are laundry folded and put away, two loads of washing to do, a kitchen and bathroom to tidy, a little grocery shop, dinner cooked for today and tomorrow and a quick tidy of kid’s bedrooms in preparation for a friend of Master BG to come on a play date and mess up said bedrooms again.

So with the day being anything but slothful, I didn’t really think a couple of hours in bed is going to upset anyone. Except my slave 🙂

*No I didn’t really say that. I said ” But I asked for tea, not coffee!”


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