I’m no Masterchef

I must be the only person in Australia not watching Masterchef.

7pm weeknights is pretty much devoted to the little BG’s bathtime, reading stories and bedtime, which involves putting them to bed a couple of (hundred) times, a fair bit of yelling and threatening, closing of doors and chasing little people back to their rooms. It also involves explaining to master BG that no, monsters DO NOT comes out of story books and that all the monsters you do know are friendly ones like Grover and Elmo, all the while giving him a backrub and succumbing to Miss BG’s requests for endless cuddles and kisses and pats on the back.

So TV does end up somewhat of a low priority. Which is why I tend to watch DVDs of TV shows, with True Blood being the most recent. I don’t get Twilight, but I totally get True Blood. Possibly because these vampires actually have sex, rather than just talking about it, or waiting until they get married. And Eric’s so hot. And I’ve gone off on a tangent…

Back to Masterchef. I have been vaguely aware of it, thanks to reading the recaps in The Age, various tweets and texts about amazing cakes. An 8-layer vanilla cake is indeed amazing, but I would much rather feast my eyes on a buff Viking vampire, which I what I was doing when I got the text. (Sorry for these digressions, have sex vampires on the mind)

After a discussion on food over a lovely Japanese lunch, it was suggested I go on it by PS. But Masterchef is not for me.

I have never watched it. What I have caught tends to be about self-important judges and drama focussed on people crying rather than the food, and its preparation.

I’m not a chef, nor do I intend to ever be one. I don’t see myself owning a restaurant and if I were going to write a book, it would definitely not be a recipe book.

Being cooped up in a house for six months without seeing my family may sound like fun to begin with, but it would kill me. I’d not only be turning on the waterworks, but I would be probably known as the permanently angry librarian (Thinking about this, this is probably why some of the contestants would well up at a moment’s notice- they’re in an artificial environment deprived of their natural support network).

It would also take the enjoyment out of food for me. There are days where I’m in the kitchen most of the day. Last Thursday I was whipping up banana and choc-chip muffins, a lamb curry for myself and Mr BG and a bolognese sauce for the kids. Then there are other days when I can’t be bothered and it’s either takeaway or toast ( and now I sound like a terrible mother). The passion waxes and wanes and to sustain it would be exhausting and non-productive.

Finally I’d rather cook for people I love. There is nothing like seeing an empty plate or platter, satisfied smiles on your family or friend’s faces. I do not want a stranger nit-picking over my use of sage in the soup or mint on my carrots.

I’ll head back to the kitchen and whip up some breakfast- porridge with bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon.Nom, nom, nom…


    10 thoughts on “I’m no Masterchef

    1. I too, do not watch Masterchef (yay that it is over) and after your comments about True Blood, how can you not find Pride and Prejudice boring ( they don’t get it on at all) !!
      But each to their own, I can say for myself, Twilight Eclipse, kissing scene, leg hitch, gets me hot under the collar!! No one else can read this right? 😉

      • I think there is a time and place for a little of raunch and a little bit of romance, and both are funny and well-written. Your comments about Twilight are safe with me 😉

    2. I love food and cooking but not tv. Masterchef gets the occasional airing in my house as the teenagers have control of the remote, not me. Reality tv in all it’s forms leaves me cold, but I do take it as a compliment if one if my kids tells me a meal I have just put in front of them ‘looks gourmet, just like masterchef’ !!! With teens, you take what you can get 🙂

      • An empty plate ss good enough for me and I’d rather have my son say yum, rather than Matt Preston say it was disgustingly good.

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